Meeting local people

Meet local people and see how Gambians live… This is a wonderful experience that visitors always love. You will have the opportunity to share experiences with them and you can also stay at their home for a couple of days.

Day trips

We offer you day trips within Western region. These include visits to the Crocodile pool, the Monkey park, Serekunda Market, Brikama Crafts Market, Banjul and Banjul Market.

Trip on the Gambia river

This is a very special trip. Along the river Gambia we can offer you fishing, bird watching, hippopotamus and dolphin spotting. It is a day-long trip and enjoyable every single minute with lots of experiences to remember.

Festival trips

Gambians adore organizing festivals for many different occasions. Some of these festivals are cultural, musically inspired or related to fishing. Here are a few of them:

  • Bob Marley Day: every 11th May of the year, Gambians celebrate this special day by playing Reggae music in many places in the country
  • Kartong Festival: this is one of the famous cultural festivals in the Gambia. This is where you can see the typical culture of the Gambians. It runs from 7th February to 9th February of every year
  • International Roots Festival: a two weeks’ cultural festival running from 6th May to 16th May.


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